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Anticorrosive pigments

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The problem of corrosion protection of metal products and equipment units is relevant to almost any industry. The most widely used are paintwork materials (paintwork materials) with passivation type of protection, i.e. preventing the appearance of electrochemical potential difference at the interface "metal - air".

To achieve this protection the paintwork formulations contain special functional fillers - anticorrosive pigments, molecules of which have particular activity to prevent the formation of iron oxides on the metal surface. Such pigments include, for example, chromates and phosphates of alkali and amphoteric metals.

The anti-corrosion pigment TIAL FM is a mixture of aluminium and calcium phosphates and is a direct alternative to zinc phosphate. The feature of "TIAL FM" is the higher reducing activity of aluminum atoms which defines the speed and duration of the passivation reaction of the surface: the pigment is most effective at the initial stages of the process. It is confirmed by tests in accredited expert centers (NIPROINS, St. Petersburg) and experience of many of our clients.

The group of companies "Functional Materials" is a producer of flame retardants, pigments and modifying powder additives. We have our own scientific, technical and production base that allows us to develop, improve and produce micronized products to meet market demands in the shortest possible time.

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