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White pigments (titanium dioxide substitute)

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According to the European classification, pigments are substances whose particles are insoluble in the medium of application, capable of acting as a coloring agent or giving functional properties to the material.

At a very first approximation pigments are divided by the nature of their origin: inorganic and organic. Each of these groups is subdivided into:

  • white;
  • coloured, classified by colors and shades of color;
  • black;
  • pigments with special properties;
  • fluorescent.

The color characteristics of pigments, such as intensity, hiding power, transparency and luster, are primarily influenced by the structure of the crystal lattice. The ability to disperse in a substrate and the quality of the distribution of particles within the volume depend on the nature and structure of the supramolecular layers of the substance.

WPS and WPS-02 pigments are a composition of inorganic compounds substituted for titanium dioxide. A distinctive feature of these products is a smoothed surface of the particles with an average size of 3-6 microns, which allows to minimize the cost of achieving the technological performance of the material.

Application of special light-stabilizing components in the pigment composition allows increasing resistance to UV radiation up to 3 times compared to standard titanium pigments.

White pigments WPS and WPS-02 are recommended as a partial replacement of titanium dioxide in paint and varnish formulations. The replacement of TiO2 by WPS pigment up to 30% has no influence on technological and performance properties of the finished paintwork materials. Noticeable economic effect by the replacement of the coloring agent can be achieved in the production of materials for thick coatings.

Functional Materials" Group of Companies is the producer of flame retardants, pigments and modifying powder additives and offers to buy titanium dioxide substitute. We have our own scientific, technical and production base that allows us to develop, improve and produce micronized products to meet the needs of the market in the shortest possible time.

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