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Flame retardants for cable platicates

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Most polymers and products based on them have low fire safety characteristics - they are flammable materials according to the methods used for the fire hazard of substances and structural materials. Given the widespread use of such materials, metal hydroxides (aluminum and magnesium) are used as flame retardants in their composition, which, unlike many other flame retardants, are not harmful to human health due to the absence in their composition and volatile toxic compounds released during thermal degradation. Their flame retardant effect is based on the detachment of water molecules with endothermic effect when exposed to elevated temperatures and dilution of the resulting flammable vapor-gas products of thermo-oxidative degradation. The released water vapor prevents oxygen access to the combustion zone.

Polyvinyl chloride copolymers are the basis for the development of cable braid materials. By chemical and composite modification such compositions are given properties of frost resistance, fire resistance, improve technological characteristics of recyclability.

Besides basic products (aluminum hydroxides of different fractions) Functional Materials offers a wide range of fillers with modified surface. Surface modification with silane-containing compounds and fatty acids allows for more uniform filler distribution in polymer volume, lower viscosity of the filled mixture, improve physical and mechanical properties of cable compounds due to incorporation of functional groups into polymer structure.

Functional Materials Group of Companies is a producer of fillers for cable compounds. We have our own scientific, technical and industrial base that enables us to develop, improve and produce micronized products in the shortest possible time to meet the market demands.

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