St. Petersburg, Fedorovskoye settlement, Postal str., 21G
+7 (812) 670 52 36 Request a call


+7 (812) 670 52 36
Почта: Mail:
Actual address and warehouse address:
St. Petersburg, Fedorovskoye settlement, Postal str., 21G
Working hours and phone numbers of the warehouse: 10.00 – 18.00 without lunch;
Address for correspondence
198217, St. Petersburg, PO Box 24


Route for cars
The route from the metro for cars
Route for trucks

Navigator coordinates: 59.791215 latitude 30.545433 longitude

Driving directions

Coordinates in Yandex maps

59.791215 latitude 30.545433 longitude. In the search enter "Functional Materials" LLC

After leaving the territory of the industrial complex, continue moving along the road (landmark - the sign “7 seven steps” - we drive straight) until the sign “Functional materials”

Drive up to the blue gate in the middle of the building, above it is the sign "Functional Materials"

Travel photo

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