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Composite materials

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All construction and construction materials produced in the Russian Federation must have a mandatory certificate of compliance with certain fire safety requirements. Most polymeric materials that are not chemically modified are prone to ignition and spread flame, which is the main cause of fires.

The problem of flammability of polymeric materials can be solved in two ways: chemical modification (introduction of links or components containing functional groups that prevent combustion, such as halogen) and the use of functional fillers. Such antipyrene fillers can constitute up to 200% of the resin volume in the composition. When exposed to high temperatures, they decompose with release of water, which in turn reduces the temperature of flue gases, preventing their further ignition.

Using flame retardants based on aluminum hydroxide in fire-retardant polymer compositions, it is possible to achieve material parameters corresponding to KM0 group.

Functional Materials Group of Companies is a producer of aluminum hydroxide-based flame retardants. We have our own scientific, technical and industrial base that allows to develop, improve and produce micronized products in the shortest possible time to meet the market demands.

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