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Fillers for artificial stone

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In the last decade, products based on highly filled polymer compositions, called artificial stone, have become widespread. The use of artificial stone products allows you to achieve the necessary decorative effect in the interior, while maintaining the physical and mechanical properties of the product (strength, hardness, moisture resistance).

The spectrum of fillers for artificial stones is extremely wide and includes both organic effect pigments and quartz sand, microramors and various functional additives. One of the functional fillers for artificial stones is aluminum hydroxide: at a comparable price with quartz fillers, it has several advantages, such as a wide range of disperse compositions, fire retardant properties, the ability to give a shade in the product volume, increasing the wear resistance of compositions.

Functional Materials Group of Companies is a producer of aluminum hydroxide fillers for artificial stone. We have our own scientific, technical and industrial base that allows us to develop, improve and produce micronized products to meet the needs of the market in the shortest possible time.

To learn more and to buy excipients for production of artificial stones, to request samples, to receive technical or commercial consultation you can, answering some questions in the feedback form or by phone: +7 (812) 670 52 36