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New generation biocidal additive from FM Trading House

New generation biocidal additive from FM Trading House

Trading house "Functional Materials" (FC "FM") of the North-West Technology Transfer Center has brought to the market a universal biocide additive based on aluminum oxide "SNAL 5", which gives antibacterial properties to construction and finishing materials. Due to the production technology the cost of the product is twice lower than the antiseptic additives of other manufacturers.

"SNAL 5" is a biocide additive based on aluminum oxide modified with colloidal silver nanoparticles. The additive is active against pathogenic flora, does not destroy the treated surface, resistant to UV and weather conditions, environmentally safe. The product can be used in all types of paints and plastics, fiberglass plastics, poured floors, dry construction mixtures, plasterboard and other products.

Production technology "SNAL 5" increases the concentration of silver in the additive up to 5 mg per 1 kg, which reduces the consumption of the substance while increasing its protective properties. As a result, the cost of manufacturing the product is two times lower than the existing analogs based on colloidal silver from other manufacturers.

According to the developers, the versatility of biocide additive allows to use the product everywhere where microbiological purity is required: finishing materials of laboratories, medical and children's institutions, equipment of food, pharmaceutical and electronic industries.

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