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Manufacturers of paints and coatings products confirmed the effectiveness of corrosion pigment "TIAL" Trade House "FM"

Manufacturers of paints and coatings products confirmed the effectiveness of corrosion pigment

One of the leading manufacturers of paint and varnish products in Russia, Pigment Holding Company, has tested the pigment "TIAL" of the Functional Materials Trading House (part of the Northwest Nanocenter). The tests confirmed the effectiveness of the product to improve the anti-corrosive properties of the paintwork.

The testing of TIAL pigment was conducted at the Research and Design Institute of Paint and Coating Materials and Pigments, NIPROINS, of the Pigment Holding Company. The product of the Functional Materials Trade House (FM Trade House) developed on the basis of aluminum salts showed high efficiency as a supplement and alternative to the traditional anti-corrosion pigment - zinc phosphate in the formulations of primers and primer enamels. The tests proved that the application of TIAL reduces the rate of corrosion processes, especially at the initial stages: So in the conditions of static influence of water the terms of occurrence of the primary centers of corrosion are delayed up to 25 days. Exposure to salt spray for 23 days showed that the specimens containing TIAL pigment had two times less average area of corrosion than the basic specimen containing only zinc phosphate and the nature of the corrosion process had changed. The successful tests in NIPROINS and the acknowledgement of TIAL pigment efficiency by the experts of the coatings and paints market prove the relevance of the developments of the team of technologists of TH "FM".

"TIAL" was developed taking into account the market demand for environmentally safe additives with high protective functions and barrier effect in coatings and paints. Our pigment has a complex effect: it provides anticorrosive, fire retardant and covering properties for the materials while remaining competitive in price," - Polina Zhuravleva, General Director of "FM" Trading House, comments.

The FM Trade House pigment has the highest environmental safety class and can be used in the production of paints and varnishes for different purposes. One more important advantage of TIAL is its efficiency. The consumption of the product is only 4-10% of the formulation, while the high indicators of corrosion resistance, fire retardant and covering properties are guaranteed in the final product.

Since its introduction to the market in May 2021, demand for TIAL has continued to grow. In 2022, TD FM pigment sales increased by more than 300% over the same period last year.

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