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Trading House "FM" expands its product range

Trading House

The assortment line of the Trading House "Functional Materials" of the North-West Nanocenter was enlarged with a new pigment "TIAL". The modifier gives anticorrosive, fire-resistant and covering properties to paintwork coatings, while reducing the cost of the final product due to its complex action.

In recent years the use of new environmentally friendly and effective pigments has become one of the most promising directions in the development of paintwork materials for anticorrosive purposes. On the one hand it is caused by the requirement of time to develop the segment of non-toxic materials, on the other hand - by the desire of manufacturers to provide stable high characteristics during the life cycle of coatings. The search for new approaches to creating pigments with high protective properties and barrier effect in coatings has led to the appearance of a wide range of modifiers. However, the use of many of them is significantly limited due to their high cost, unstable structure, specific properties, complexity of synthesis and compatibility with each other. The TIAL pigment of complex action was developed taking into account market demands: it creates added value for the final product by giving new properties to the material while remaining competitive in price.

The FM Trade House modifier is produced using aluminum phosphate, which ensures high anti-corrosive and fire retardant properties of the final product. "TIAL" has the highest environmental safety class and can be used in the production of any oil-based and water-soluble paintwork coatings, including primer enamels, decorative industrial or household coatings for external works. Another important advantage of TIAL is its cost efficiency. The consumption of the modifier is only 6-15% of the amount of paintwork materials, while high indicators of corrosion resistance, fire-resistance and covering properties are guaranteed in the final product. The complex effect on materials in combination with economical pigment consumption creates a wide potential for the implementation of TIAL in the paint and coatings market and in the production of cable compounds.

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