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The FM production company has developed an innovative additive with radio absorbing properties

The FM production company has developed an innovative additive with radio absorbing properties

The production company "Functional Materials" of the North-West Nanocenter has developed an innovative additive for giving radio absorbing properties to composite materials. The research of pilot samples showed the reduction of electromagnetic radiation power by more than 20-30 times for polyurethane products and materials based on high-molecular silicones.

The developed radio absorbing additive can be used for protection against external influences (search radio beams, electromagnetic pulses) as well as against signal leakage from inside space with radio emission.

At the request of the enterprise of radioelectronic instrumentation "Northern Press" company "FM" tested pilot samples. The research showed the ability of functional additive to provide the reduction of electromagnetic radiation by 20-30 times at the frequency of electromagnetic field 2.45 GHz depending on the formulation of composition in different composite materials with thickness of 0.5 - 1 mm.

The properties of the radio-absorbing additive open up a wide range of possibilities for the choice of the product application: from the construction of ships and military objects to the security of data processing centers. For example, the additive can be used in the production of sealants and potting compounds for the treatment of radio-permeable joints in the joints of large structural elements - windows, doors, panels based on composite materials. Application of the product in paint and varnish materials and dry construction mixtures allows to create radio-absorbing coatings of large area.

According to the words of the Director of the company "Functional Materials" Polina Zhuravleva the next stage of work will be transferring the technology of radio absorbing materials to the industrial production: "We are interested in cooperation with industrial companies and industrial partners for the purposes of which we can develop further radio absorbing additives: adaptation of polymer formulations to give necessary characteristics to the final customer's product".

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