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Functional Materials Trading House will supply a shipment of aluminum hydroxide to Kursk

Functional Materials Trading House will supply a shipment of aluminum hydroxide to Kursk

Trading house "Functional Materials" which is a part of North-West Technology Transfer Center has signed a contract with one of the largest enterprises of rubber industry in Russia "Kurskrezinotechnika" for the supply of aluminum hydroxide.

The first batch in the amount of 120 tons has already been delivered to the customer. In the next three months the company is going to deliver another 120 tons of high quality aluminum hydroxide to Kursk. The products will be used in the production of conveyor belts. This is the second contract in the last six months with "Kurskrezinotechnika", concluded by the company as a result of tender procedures. The high demand is due to the unique properties that the final product acquires when using ultrafine dispersion aluminum hydroxide, purified from impurities and having low electrical permeability. The developer of the product technology is Mikral-FM, a member of the Functional Materials Group.

The aluminum hydroxide market in Russia is developing. In addition to domestic companies, it includes products of foreign manufacturers from Denmark, China, Turkey, Hungary and other countries. According to Polina Zhuravleva, Functional Materials Group's development project manager, the company is constantly working to improve the quality of its products: "We are currently developing aluminum hydroxide treated with stearic acid and silanes. At the moment these technologies are innovative and are practically not used in Russia. Additional processing enables us to improve properties of the final product - adhesion, plasticity, flowability and, therefore, to expand the product range and provide the opportunity to work individually with each customer.

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The company "MIKRAL-FM" is part of the group "Functional Materials" and specializes in the production of fine-dispersed dielectric flame retardant for cable plastic and special polymeric products.

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