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About company

Functional Materials LLC is a professional manufacturer of specialized nano- and micro-powder products for various industries. The product line of the company includes: pigments, fillers, modifiers, catalysts, reagents, coatings for the 

production of paints, polymers, ceramics, construction mixtures, metallurgy and chemical industry, manufacturing production.

Our products are successfully used in the following industrial fields:

Нашу продукцию успешно применяют в следующих промышленных сферах:
  • Plastpolymer products
  • For the manufacture of PVC panels
  • Concretes and dry mortars
  • Linoleum
  • Ecowool
  • For manufacturing refractory mixtures
  • Paints and varnishes
  • Non-combustible roofing
  • Artificial leathers
  • Self-leveled floors

The production complex was founded in St. Petersburg in 2015, and is located in the Industrial Zone Metallostroy. High-tech equipment allows synthesis from 5 to 80 nm (nanometer) and grinding to 5 microns (micrometer). Ultradisperse powders and compositions based on them are used for production of artificial stones (marble, onyx), plastics and polymers, fireproof, cellulose and paper products, fire retardants and fillers in products with high fire protection and electrical insulation requirements, nonflammable carpeting and roofing, linoleum and artificial leather, rubber and rubber, dry construction mixtures.

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