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Raw materials for the production of paints and varnishes

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According to the European classification, pigments are substances whose particles are insoluble in the medium of application, capable of acting as a coloring agent or giving functional properties to the material.

At a very first approximation pigments are divided by the nature of their origin: inorganic and organic. Each of these groups is subdivided into:

coloured, classified by colors and shades of color;
pigments with special properties;
The product range of Functional Materials Group includes white mixed pigments, recommended as a partial or complete replacement of expensive titanium pigments; aluminum phosphate-based corrosion protection pigments, which are more effective and environmentally friendly than traditionally used corrosion inhibitors; modifying additives which increase the light fastness and abrasion resistance of coatings, and also serve as co-dispersing agents for white coloring pigments.

Functional Materials Group is a producer of paint pigments. We have our own scientific, technical and production base allowing us to develop, improve and produce micronized products in the shortest possible time to meet the market demands.

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