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TS 104

TS 104
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Modifying additive based on thermo-activated aluminum oxyhydroxide of a certain structural organization for use in the production of heavy and cellular concrete, dry construction mixtures and poured floors.


  • Accelerates the setting and ripening time of concrete by more than 15%;
  • Reduces pore size and increases pore uniformity;
  • Increases adhesion to reinforcement and concrete substrates;
  • Provides up to 7% expansion;
  • Reduces shrinkage of self-leveling compositions;
  • Increases the physical and mechanical properties of the final coating, such as abrasion resistance and hardness.


Main technical characteristics


Particle size D50, μm


Whiteness, o.u., not less


pH of a 10% TS-101 aqueous solution


Humidity*, %, not more

*at the time of packing


Loss of weight on ignition, %, not more


Oil capacity, g/100g, not more



Main technical characteristics


TS 104 helps to optimize the distribution of the components of concrete and cement mixtures in solutions due to the steric effect on neighboring molecules;
The product increases the thixotropy of the composition, hence a review of the amount of thickeners used is necessary;
In the production of water-saturated cement compositions and concretes it is recommended to pay special attention to control the pH of the final product.

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