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WPS 02

WPS 02
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Kern pigment intended for partial replacement of titanium dioxide (TiO2) in the formulation of thick coatings and construction mixtures.



Whiteness, o.u., not less


Hiding power, g/m2, not more


pH of 10% WPS aqueous solution


Average particle size D50, μm, not more


Oil capacity, g/100g, not more


  • Lower density compared to standard titanium pigments;
  • Lower abrasiveness helps reduce dispersion time;
  • Provides significant savings when tinting bright colors;
  • Retains color and opacity when used in tinting systems with organic pigments;
  • Suitable for partial replacement of titanium dioxide in formulations while maintaining hiding power, shade and luster of coatings;
  • Compatible with all types of binders.

Directions for use

  • WPS 02 is suitable for use in all types of coatings, including powder coatings and gelcoats;
  • When used in tintable materials it provides a synergistic effect resulting in improved shade purity and hiding power;
  • When used in formulations of protective coatings, it is recommended that no more than 20% of titanium dioxide be replaced by WPS;
  • When used in thick coatings, up to 100% of titanium dioxide may be replaced with WPS;
  • It is possible to use both at the stage of milling the pigment part and adding it to the mixture with fillers.
Delivery and payment

We work with legal entities with VAT and accept payment only by bank transfer.

Our logistics partners are always ready to offer the best option for delivery of raw materials and finished products to the client. Depending on the volume of cargo, we cooperate with such companies as Gruzovichkoff, Delovye Liniya, Integrity and a number of private carriers.

Transportation company delivery of free samples up to 1 kg is paid by the recipient.

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