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We produce aluminum hydroxide and flame retardants from Russian raw materials

Functional Materials manufactures aluminum hydroxide and a wide range of products based on it, distinguished by optimal physical and chemical properties, performance characteristics and a wide range of applications in various industries. We offer high quality fillers for polymers, poured floors, paintwork materials and artificial stones. Technologists of the company developed and sold flame retardant, based on aluminum hydroxide, one of the key components in the manufacture of paintwork materials and plastic polymer products. Flame retardant makes it difficult to ignite, spread of fire, has smoke-suppressing properties.

Among the goods are also presented: fine-dispersed aluminum hydroxide of different fractional composition, produced in accordance with international quality standards, delivered in a secure package. We also offer an effective substitute for titanium dioxide, which significantly reduces production costs and is an optimal alternative to popular foreign analogues. The company uses high quality raw materials and high-tech modern equipment for production.

In the FM Company you can buy aluminum hydroxide from the manufacturer at wholesale prices. We provide prompt shipment and delivery in Russia and CIS countries. In St. Petersburg you can buy it from our warehouse. You can get the actual price and terms of purchase by phone in Saint-Petersburg +7 (812) 670-52-36 or send your request to

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