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Fireproofing compounds

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Every year more than 7 million buildings and structures are affected by fire, killing about 85,000 people. More than half of the incidents can be prevented by routine preventive and coordinated design work, including the selection of materials that prevent the spread of flame, as well as treatment of combustible elements of structures and decorative elements with fire protection compositions.

The line of fire retardant compositions of the group of companies "Functional Materials" is represented by the material "Fozot", available in a ready-to-use solution "Fozot L", economical dry concentrate for preparing a solution immediately before use "Fozot D", as well as modifications for the introduction into the recipe of painting compositions based on water dispersion latex "Fozot C".

At the heart of the flame retardant composition "Fozot" - a specially selected combination of nitrogen-containing flame retardants that prevent the spread of the flame and contribute to self-extinguishing. The composition is suitable for impregnation of porous goods: fabrics, paper, wood.

Functional Materials Group of Companies is a manufacturer of fire retardant compositions. We have our own scientific, technical and production base that allows us to develop, improve and produce micronized products in the shortest possible time to meet the market demands.

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